December 5, 2018 – New York

Creative Director
Lauren Stucky – @laurenstucky

Janice Henry – @grittystreetsofnyc

Lindsay Hall – @linnyh

Key Makeup and Hair Artist
Lilly Figueroa – @mualilli

Special thanks to RED Models – @red_models

Lauren Stucky Pre-Fall 2019 ‘Flames and Waves’ Press Release
December 9, 2018

Lauren Stucky’s Pre-Fall 2019 collection titled Flames and Waves, debuted on December 5th in NYC with her presentation in a Chinatown warehouse space. 

The collection totaled 14 looks, many being unisex as she has been building her collections to be unisex for years now, procuring a fit that easily translates from one gender and body shape to the next. This fluid fit is a key element to her brand identity. Staples like her oversized button downs and loose fit trousers remain in the collection and are reworked accordingly each season.  

Flames and Waves is a bit of a departure in that this collection is more street wear focused. She ventured outside her primary leather and silk fabrications into more casual denims, mesh jersey, and rib stop windbreaker materials.  

The original embroidery seen throughout the collection was taken from fragments of Lauren’s sketches. She notes, “Having these motifs I’ve been drawing for years and incorporating them into my designs was fun for me because I merged the two, developing a meaning into the sketching I just find myself doing for fun”. 

Some highlights were the waves embroidered into the kneecap of a dark denim trouser, and an orange embroidered sun on the back of a windbreaker top and denim crop halter. To point to the embroidery, the pool balls and monogrammed LS  “drips”, were a graphic design collaboration between herself and multi media artist Dani Bickford. 

Ancient Egyptian history was another theme, influencing the collection with her display of detachable leather harnesses, collar leather bra tops and draped chiffon skirts. 

This collection is immediately available for buyers, editorial and celebrity stylists, and any other press inquiries. 

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